A random generator for design briefs.

About goodbrief

I went to an art and design school. There, I saw that the design students were always looking for ways to add to their portfolio, but that it was hard to get professional work without already having experience.

That’s why I made goodbrief. It generates random design briefs—the document with all the specifications for the design that a hypothetical client would give you. You can choose from many different types of design work and industries so that you always have fresh briefs to practice on.

Version 1.0

I made the initial version (called /Brief) in 2016 and I was surprised at how well it was received! It's been used all around the world, and I love getting emails from people telling me how they've found the site useful. It's even been used in some schools to teach design, and featured on websites like UCreative. I love the designs I've seen people make based on my sites brief, and in 2018 I decided to redesign the website from the ground up. The original version is still available here.

Version 2.0

While the original site was just built with client-side Javascript and jQuery, I decided to use Node.js and Express.js for the redesign. This will allow me to lay the foundation for other features that I have planned down the road. For now, this update adds several new job types and industries, as well as a better sentence generation system and a refreshed design. If you have any suggestions for future updates, feel free to contact me.